Capabilities: Drs. Ben Keet

Since 1977 Ben has worked in academic, engineering and management teams. His approach is very hands-on and pragmatic. In most projects he has carried the end-responsibility thus ensuring attention to detail, maximising communication between all the parties involved and the importance of delivering projects on time and with-in budget.

Over the last ten years Ben has been involved in training staff of consultants, contractors and local, regional and central governments through commercial training companies and the United Nations.

His core speciality is contaminated site assessment and remediation. This involves in-depth knowledge of several associated disciplines and he has detailed knowledge of hydrogeology, groundwater wells, geophysics, hydrochemistry, isotope hydrology, soil science, irrigation/drainage/aeration of soils, microbiological and fungal properties of soils.

Projects which fit Ben's background and experience include:

  • second opinion
  • expert witness / affidavits
  • scoping surveys
  • consultant selection
  • contractor selection / tender document preparation
  • verification
    Specialist / Technical
  • contaminated site assessment
  • design and project management of site remediation
  • irrigation and drainage design / implementation
  • soil research, biological, chemical and physical
  • research on interaction of specialty chemicals and their breakdown products on ecosystems and humans
  • staff training