Investigations managed by Drs Ben Keet

ESA, Environmental Site Assessment, following MfE guidelines or client specific protocol

Pre-purchase site investigation, historical land use, possible contamination, landfill use, potential of migration of contaminants via groundwater or soil vapours and radon gas surveys. May include geophysical surveys, GPR, interpretation of aerial photographs and LANDSAT images.

Feasibility study of contaminated sites; ranking of remedial options; cost-benefit analysis; analysis of hidden risks

Investigation of options for MNA (Monitored Natural Attenuation, site works, on-site analysis of unstable parameters, evaluation of options, MNA project duration,

Remedial planning, tendering and contract preparation including site measurements to obtain relevant parameters

Design of long term in situ or on-site remedial systems. Multiple techniques, combinations of MNA with permeable barriers or hot-spot removal.

Verification investigation, combination of desk study and site work to verify remedial works completed by third party

Second opinion on remedial proposals / budgets

Second opinion on site investigation (ESA) reports

Drainage and irrigation surveys based on soil aeration and optimal moisture content considerations (and avoiding problems of pan and other low permeable layers)

Geophysical surveys to scan soil for shallow structures and deeper underground for water bearing / blocking layers,

Geotech surveys, cone penetrometer surveys, soil sampling and descriptions

Pls. refer to "courses" for more detail on types of reports, studies and analysis I can provide