The Geo & Hydro Mobile Laboratory is the only soil- and groundwater analytical lab in Holland. It features a Hewlett Packard reseach grade GC-FID-ECD with very low detection limits for chlorinated solvents (< 0.001 g/ltr), several spectrometers (IR, UV-Vis) to analyse numerous compounds relevant to NA surveils (NO3, NO2, Fe(tot), Fe2+, Fe3+, SO4, SO3, TOC/DOC, etc.) an AAS for metals such as Pb, Ni, Mn, As, Cr, Cs, Pt, Na, K, etc.) sensors and recorders for pressure, temperature, conductivity, pH, DO, gaseous O2, CO2, CH4 and N20 plus other gasses, besides standard lab attributes as drying stoves, sample grinders and sieves. The lab can also be equiped with compressors, blowers, air-water-oil separators to allow full scale pilot-testing te be carried out.