Calibration unit In situ Process Control

In situ systems are often design following rules of thumb. To break with this habit Geo & Hydro developed a parallel processing unit based on multiple PC's to follow intrinsic bioremediation processes using in situ sensors. As the system allows process tracking on a real-time basis it is ideally suited for calibration active in situ installations. These can stimulate the remediation processes intensively or extensively such as the IHRIS type systems of Geo & Hydro. parameters then can be logged simultaneously are: Air movements (3D) in the unsaturated zone (down to 1 mm/hr); Concentration of gasses (O2, CO2, N2O, CH4, H2S and HC vapours); In the data processing unit these two were combined as flux of the individual gasses; The sensor data is compared to results of analysis of gasses and water (both taken automatically every 15 minutes)  using on-line analytical instruments (GC-TCD, UV-Vis) The system also records depth to groundwater at several positions, the groundwater flow direction (2D) using the G&H groundwater vector-sensor and variations in depth, NO3 concentration in capillary fringe to measure diffusive upwards movement, Meteorological conditions: wind speed and direction, sunshine intensity, air temperature and humidity, rainfall and evapotranspiration.