The 'Kuil van Keet' Natural Attenuation Project

A view down the underground laboratory "well" called 'Kuil van Keet'. The picture shows the first wooden floor approx 0.3 m bgl. With a power supply and data multiplexer; then through the hatch the second floor with data collection unit followed by the third floor with the next data collection unit. The base floor (actual soil just 10 cm above the capillary fringe and with the free floating kerosine layer occasionally above floor level) is too dark on this picture to see. Mail us for further pictures (e.g. the capillary fringe nitrate sampling miniature hypsometers which were situated at that level at 10 cm intervals through the wall of the well. For results ask for full report (e-mail) or see under articles / publications at poster presented at Battle's first contaminated sediments conference held in Venice Italy 10-2001.